Angela Jane Yantorno - Violin

Violinist. Teacher. Small Business Owner. Performer. Composer. Mom. Indie-Rock enthusiast. Group leader. Music across genres. Singer. Dog-lover.


There once was a tiny little girl whose mama got free tix to the symphony and fell in love with the violin. Love at first site. I started Suzuki lessons at 5 and fell into deeper love with classical music and violin study. My musical story is complicated by my parent’s rocky divorce, my mom’s financial and emotional fragility, and many moves that disrupted the habitual lives that help musicians thrive. But what I know is that a gift, or a calling, doesn’t care about all of that. The voices inside of us that love something find their way through the crevices. I am a musician and finding my own voice in the world of classical music has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. Fast forward to now, and I’m so happy to create a career in music, which was my original dream. I believe that life is not just what we make of it, but the support we ask for and the help we get along the way.


Angela seeks constant ways to learn and grow as the person behind the violin. Recently, she’s taken to singing and acting lessons to help her bring all her ideas through her violin performing. She loves the creative process and needs to be challenging and expanding in her scope. Angela is gifted in knowing what type of music elevates a moment, from selecting repetoire for her students to choosing a lyrical song for walking down the ailse to your future life partner.

When I”m not practicing, rehearsing, teaching, or listening to podcasts about the musicians life, I can be found walking my pup Leo, spending time with my 4 kiddos Ella, Sofia, Skye and Ruby (blended families rule) and snuggling on the couch with my awesome partner, Dave Yantorno.